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Self Defense & Personal Safety

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I have been looking around the internet for others like me that have an interest in helping people protect themselves from those that wish to hurt them or take advantage of them. Here are a few;

Although training in Judo when I was a kid I consider Kempo Ju-Jitsu as the first style I really studied where I had any idea about a self-defense application. The chief instructor is Terry Coughtrey, he was an early influence to my Martial Art training, as although he keeps a traditional feel to his system, he’s always looking for new ideas and tweaks techniques he finds that do not work.

I found a website in England that has contacts with many self-defense instructors, their techniques are very effective, Ian G sends out regular emails, if you subscribe to his newsletter, full of useful tidbits of information and deals on purchasing goods. There is also a video site that has clips from these instructors demonstrating their moves. Be warned, this stuff is very effective, if you decide to use any of them.

Richard Grannon, a self-protection instructor that worked as a bouncer in Liverpool for a few years before switching to a street self-defense instructor. I like his site as there are several video clips that show the abuse that bouncers have to endure. It helps explain why some get a bad name for being overly aggressive. For those that don't know about Liverpool, it is a major hot spot for clubbing and by default a hot spot for trouble too.

Keith Pascal writes a varied selection of books and articles about almost everything martial arts related. They seem to be more on the 'Art' side than the 'Street' side, but there is still a bunch of information that you can use to improve your own skills. Plus many of the items are free, so join the E-zine and start downloading.

Damian Ross has a system based on World War II military techniques from the British Army. There is a good supply of free information given out but the techniques are kept fairly hidden. But it again seems simple and effective.

Tim Larkin promotes another system, Target Focused Training which again is designed for self protection and self awareness. Although not sold as a self defense system, martial art or combat sport it does claim to provide you with the skills to defend yourself.

Tony Blauer has developed his Spear system to provide a self defense system that uses natural responses to conflict.

John Correia, posts on face book, where I normally review his stuff, but there is a website where you can view the posts too. John talks us through a situation highlighting both the good points and where better decisions or actions could be made. A lot of the situations involve guns, but you never know what you are going to face these days.

Face Book


Another place to check out is Face book, there are several pages you can follow which post short video clips of real fights. The video work is often done with a shaky mobile phone but you get to see some street fighting.  I follow some on my Face Book page. Crazy Street Fights, Double Knockouts, Kimbo Slice Fights, Only Street Fighting


WARNING:  Most of these video clips are raw and some people may find them disturbing. That said this is what the real world is like;

Real Fights Ain’t Pretty & Pretty Fights Ain’t Real!”