Self Defense
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Self Defense & Personal Safety

Kempo Ju-Jitsu
Street Self Defense

No Nonsense, To The Point, Simple, Effective & Easy To Learn

Self Defense Classes

Basic Class

There is nothing flashy or unnecessary here, just simple and effective techniques to help you survive an attack. First I’ll give you some basic skills and then concepts to defend yourself against attack.

We’ll also cover some ground work, giving you the ability to get back up on your feet and get away.

I don’t believe in keeping to strict techniques so anything goes as long as it works. I’ll give you the tools to use and teach you how they work, you find the ones that work for you.

For the ladies, I'll add some techniques to deal with sexual assault situations and over-friendly touching. Including both nice and nasty techniques you can use.

For the kids, Stand Up To Bullies, I'll include some techniques to deal with school bullies, that hopefully wont get you in trouble with the teacher.

For the Seniors, We'll train at your pace and work around those parts of our bodies that don't work as well as they used to anymore.

Refresher Class

If you've taken a Single Basic Class and want to just refresh your knowledge, here is an option for you. With a quick overview of the basic class then running through some scenarios with the speed turned up a bit to add some realism.

This one is driven by you so can be relaxed or more aggressive, you choose.


Advanced Classes

Weapons Class

A knife is a common weapon that you could find yourself facing. Plenty of people carry them in the area that I live. A lot of people use them and other edged weapons in fights where I come from. Whether it’s a folding pocket knife or a fixed blade hunting knife.

A stick is a simple but effective weapon that you can use to defend yourself against an attacker armed with a knife or other edged weapon. The stick can be long short or made from anything from a broom handle to a rolled up magazine.

We'll look at ways to defend against weapons if you have to and how to use them to help you defeat your attacker.

Strike-Less Class

Designed for people who may have to put their hands on others to restrain or detain them as part of their job. Or people who may be victims of assault but need to avoid strikes and kicks due to their profession such as, Police, Security, Teachers and Nurses etc.

Every joint in your body is designed to operate in a limited direction. Joint locks work but taking these locks in a direction they are not designed to go, causing pain. These locks can be used as pain compliance to move an attacker in a direction your want them to move, or to keep them in one place. The locks can also be used to defeat an attacker by disabling their joints so they can not fight or chase you.

There are multiple points around the human body that will produce both harming and healing effects.

Throws & Sweeps

Many fights find their way to the ground, having the skills to control how that happens is an advantage that you can use to protect yourself. Use gravity and the force of hitting the ground to defeat your attacker.

Throws and sweeps can be as simple as a trip or a complex winding throw, but they all rely on taking attackers balance. Learn how to put your attacker off balance and into the position you want to throw them to the ground.

Every technique in martial arts will have a counter move. If your attacker has some skills, or just gets lucky you need to know how to defeat their attempts to get you off balance. Avoiding you being the one who hits the concrete first.

***You must be proficient at Break Falls before taking this class***


Ground Defense

If you're taken to the ground and get hurt in the process, you may not be able to defend yourself to the best of your ability, if at all. Being able to land safely on the ground after being thrown, pushed or even due to a fall will help you protect yourself.

This is not a sport, you don't want to get into a chess match on the ground trying to outwit your attacker and manage to apply a joint lock or choke. The ground is a dangerous place, there are rocks, glass and trash on the ground to hurt you not to mention your attacker's buddies to join in the fight.

The goal is to either quickly defeat your attacker on the ground, or break away and get back up on to your feet. Here you can now run from your attacker or deal with his friends back in a safer position. We'll also cover kicks coming at you while you're still on the ground and how to get back up quickly.

Specialized Classes
For Specific Groups or Occupations

Security Practices

Having worked in the security business for many years I have a good grasp of best practices for security personnel in the execution of their duties.

This class deals with restraint and escort techniques for singles and double security officers situations. We'll also cover escapes from these techniques to escape from them if applied to you and to understand how someone may attempt to escape your grip.  

Joint locks, pressure points and body manipulation techniques are used to maneuver a subject in the direction you want, without the need for heavy strikes and kicks.


If your club, group or business does not have the time or ability to arrange a self defense

class for your members or employees then this is an option for you.

A one hour presentation and open discussion on self defense concepts and ideas with some demonstrations thrown in to help with the learning.

Although not a class where the focus is on practicing the techniques taught, it can still

provide the concepts and demonstrate the techniques covered so that you can practice them on your own later.