Dave Keech
Street Self Defense

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Kempo Ju-Jitsu
Street Self Defense

This is Not a Martial Art that takes years to learn
This is Not a Sport controlled by rules to protect fighters

This is a Street Self Defense that's Easy to Learn and Effective

Class Details


I have three locations that I use for my classes.

The gym of Grand Valley Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (GVBJJ) at 573 South Commercial Drive, Grand Junction. There are two large matted floors, changing facilities and free off street parking. See upper map to right for directions.

The gym of Fruita Health Club (FHC) at 158 S Park Square, Fruita. There is a matted floor, changing facilities and free off street parking. See middle map to right for directions.

The gym of Burn Fitness Co (BFC) at 632 Market Street unit G1, Grand Junction. This a brand new gym with a matted floor and free off street parking. See lower map to right for directions. 

If you have your own training area in the Grand Valley area, I can come to you and put on the training. You don't need a matted floor area, unless you want a class involving throws and sweeps. The room just needs to be large enough for your group to train safely.  


I offer Open or Private Classes, including Weekly, Basic, Advanced and Specialized classes to suit your needs. Weekly classes are on Sunday at the GV Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym, Single Basic classes are at on Saturday at the Fruita Health Club or Burn Fitness Co.

I can also put on classes by appointment depending on the availability of the gym and myself. If you have your own location I have more flexibility on the times. 


This should be comfortable and not restrict your movement, it should also not have any studs or sharp pieces that may injury you, other students or damage the equipment. There is a small chance clothing may get damaged during the training so don’t wear your most expensive workout gear.

Also, don't wear jewelry that may scratch or injure others, or get damaged. 

**No shoes are allowed on the GVBJJ training mats, socks or bare feet are okay.

A groin guard is also advisable for the guys.

For the Weekly classes please wear dark pants or shorts and a plain white tee shirt.


None needed, Just bring some water to drink.



Every week we cover Self Defense techniques based on Kempo Ju-Jitsu, building your repertoire while making sure the concept of Simple & Effective remains.

Starting with the basic techniques taught in the condensed class we will add the more advanced stuff like throws, sweeps, locks, strangles and chokes.

For the Kids, classes have much of the nasty stuff removed. But still provides some defensive skills they can use.


After the weekly classes I hold an hour of open mat where you can train by request. If you want to cover something specific or just the basics, I have the time to go over it with you. Just let me know ahead of time.


A condensed class covering the basic principles and concepts of Street self-defense, using simple easy to learn techniques to protect yourself. An ideal option for those who do not have the time to train every week, but want some skills to protect themselves from attack. Classes are designed for Ladies, Seniors, Kids and Families to cover their different needs.


Reviewing the concepts taught in the basic class then taking them further by turning up the heat to a level that suits you. We'll add a few extra techniques in there too. 


These classes are designed to focus on a particular skill or situation, such as

Throws & Sweeps, Weapons Training, Ground Defense, Strike-Less and Street Craft Training etc. If there is another topic you'd like, let me know I can custom build a class for you. See Class Types for more details.


These classes are designed for a specific group or occupation. Such as Law Enforcement, Security, Medical Professionals or Teachers etc. If you have a specific need let me know and I'll custom design a class for you.  


Custom training classes for groups, to suit your needs. Designed for families, friends, coworkers, churches, clubs or other groups. Classes are custom built from any of the class types offered. 

The class is 2-3 hrs and for up to 20 students. I've divided the pricing into two groups by class size; 1-10 and 11-20. If you would prefer a different length of time or number of students for a class we can make that work for you.


 A $50 deposit is required to secure your group class. 


Custom training for one or two people, based on your needs. Classes are custom built for your needs from any of the class types offered. 

If you want some self defense training, but you can't make it to one of my classes. Or you just aren't comfortable training with other people, here is an option for you. I will bring the training to you, in the Grand Valley area. 

You don't need any equipment, you don't need a special floor, you just need room to train. A clear area about 15 ft square is enough. Two hour training designed for one or two people. A $50 Deposit is required to secure your At-Home training. 


A Self Defense Presentation held at a location provided by you in the Grand Valley Area. Covering basic principles of self defense and how to keep you and your family safe both at home and when out and about. There is no physical training element to this presentation. A $50 deposit is required to secure your booking. 


Safety is very important, all instructors are covered by liability insurance and all students are expected to abide by the code of conduct.


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Grand Valley BJJ

573 S Commercial Dr, Grand Junction

Fruita Health Club

158 S Park Sq, Fruita

Burn Fitness Co

632 Market Street, Grand Junction 81505

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