Self Defense
& Personal Safety

Self Defense & Personal Safety

Couples Rate

As it's not easy to attend a class by yourself, here's a deal to make it easier. If two of you attend a basic class together I'll give you a reduced rate.

  • $50 for the couple

Try Before You Buy

If you're not sure that weekly training is for you, I have an option that makes it easier to find out. You can try it out the first week without having to pay anything.

If its not for you then thanks for trying and no hard feelings. You only pay on the second week and I'm confident you'll comeback after you've tried it. I'm prepared to gamble a free week on it.

First Responder VIP Rate

As a police officer, I want to do my part to make sure my fellow LEOs, Fire Fighters, and their immediate families are able to defend themselves. Especially as we face more and more violence on today's streets. The criminal element is more likely to attack First Responders today, including their families. 

Open Classes

  • Weekly Classes - $30 per month (save $10)

Private Classes ($50 deposit required)
  • Group Classes - $200 [up to 20 people]  (save $100)
  • Private Lessons - $75 (save $25)
  • At Home Training - $75 (save $25)